About me

Currently spending my time as a full time System Engineer working in the infrastructure team at bol.com. I especially enjoy incident response and all stability work and aftercare that stems from it. I'm a big fan of open source software, I run Arch Linux on my laptop/desktop, FreeBSD on my personal servers/routers and Redhat linux at work. Additionally I'm active as a soldier 1st class within the Dutch military as a member of the National Reserve on a part time basis. Responsibilities of the National Reserve include assisting the government with homeland security and disaster relief. The physical nature of working within the military is a nice contrast to the sedentary office work as a system engineer. When not working I spend my time on various hobbies some of which are Cave Diving, Swimming, Rock Climbing and doing Obstacle Runs. I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally and am generally up for anything active.


Some links to useful software / initiatives:
Firefox addons:
Noscript blocks scripts from executing on websites.
HTTPS-everywhere enables https on all websites if possible.
uBlock Origin blocks all ads or only obtrusive ones.
Don't track me Google a browser plugin that makes it more difficult for google to track you.
Other software:
Thunderbird + Enigmail is an excellent e-mail client with PGP support.
Spiped is a very small, easily auditable (well structured code) piping daemon. I run it in front of Openssh for security in depth.
Capsicum is a sandboxing framework designed for separating privileges in applications.
Jails is a very useful security feature for security in depth. I run all my networked services in separate jails.
Projects / Tools:
Let's Encrypt a Certificate Authority that makes SSL certificates freely available.
Qualys SSL Labs is a very useful tool to harden your SSL webserver config.
SSL-Tools is a useful tool to check the SSL config of your mail server.


You can contact me via the following e-mail address: wy.itwjoyt@ecpmzc
This is my e-mail address obfuscated with a shift cipher, a right shift of 11 (Also known as a Caesar Cipher) after which the string is reversed. So to decode it, reverse and then left shift by 11. The reason for obfuscation is to prevent spam.

For those with access to a shell, the following command will decode it:
echo 'wy.itwjoyt@ecpmzc' | rev | tr '[l-za-k]' '[a-z]'
Otherwise you could copy paste it and decode it via the following JavaScript:
If neither of these options suit you, then I suggest you grab a pen and paper :)

I use PGP, this is my PGP key. It can also be found on some public PGP key servers.
Key fingerprint = 3A3D 7BCF EE10 46D0 9E00 0966 E04D 4E26 17BF 53F4
Do verify the fingerprint, preferably out of band with me.

You can also drop by on my IRC server on which I and a few friends hang out. Address: irc.indylix.nl, Port: 12393, SSL only.
Cpt-Oblivious is my IRC nick. I am also on freenode, mainly in #freebsd. My IRC client is connected 24/7 via Quassel-core.

Please don't contact me with generic 'job opportunities' for entry level positions or positions that have nothing to do with my above described interests. I'm not interested in positions that primarily deal with windows based infrastructure.